• “In a sense, this house is the culmination of ideas I have nursed through in other houses.
    Here you can just see them clearly.”

    Mark Mack, ArchitectSan Francisco Examiner Magazine, May '97
  • “We all had in mind a minimal furniture statement.
    The owners wanted an uncluttered interior that respected the architecture without being completely deferential.”

    Terry Hunziker, ADArchitectural Digest, December '95
  • “In most houses, you tend to gravitate to one or two rooms after a while.
    But we use every bit of this house.”

    Peter StremmelArchitectural Record, April '96
  • “Although large at 7,000 square feet, the house makes as little a mark as possible on the nine acres of fragile desert that surround it.”

    Susan Doubilet and Daralice BolesAmerican House Now, '97
  • “…we learned exactly how the sun would come in at every time of day, and in every season.
    It really helped us to see where walls and windows would be placed most effectively.”

    Turkey Stremmel on Mark Mack's Sun SimulatorReno Magazine, Jul/Aug '06